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Cleaning Paint Off Carpet

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We have painted hundreds of rooms over the years and no matter how hard we try; we always spill paint on the carpet.

We place down drop cloths on the furniture and the carpet. We use newspapers to rest paint cans and roller trays on. It’s hopeless. Spilling paint on carpet just seems inevitable.

Does this happen to you too? The only good thing about it at this point is we have become very good at cleaning paint off of carpet. This means that the spill rarely results in a permanent stain now on the carpet.

Let’s share our tips on how remove paint stains from carpet:


The type of paint will determine the process for cleaning the stain off of the carpet. Here is the process for latex paint.

The first thing you need to do is to blot the spill with a damp cloth immediately after the spill occurs. Do not scrub the stain. This is a common mistake for not only paint stains. Homeowners will scrub liquid stains on carpet and end up causing a permanent stain in the process. Just blot the paint and do your best to absorb as much of the wet paint as possible.

The first step should remove the majority of the paint from the carpet but there will probably be some left over. For the remaining latex paint, mix a cup of warm water with dishwashing liquid and then blot the stain with the solution, starting from the outside of the stain toward the middle. This will remove the remnants of the paint spill. Then vacuum the area.


The steps to remove a water-based paint stain are similar to latex paint. You will first want to blot the paint spill as much as possible to remove the wet stain. Then mix warm water and dishwashing liquid together and repeat the process above.

If the paint is dry, you will need to moisten the spill with a handheld steamer or warm water and then gently scrape at the stain with a butter knife. Do not be aggressive as this will ruin the carpet similar to scrubbing a stain.


Oil paints will dry much faster than latex or water. You will need to act fast. Blot the spill and use the dishwashing solution second but the odds are the stain will have dried before you are able to remove all of it. Apply a handheld steamer to the surface of the carpet to wet and loosen the paint and then use a needle point to break apart the paint. Then vacuum the carpet after all of the oil paint is gone.

We have used all of these methods several times now with great success but none of the tips are a guarantee for cleaning paint off carpet. Every carpet fiber and stain is a little different.

You could need to hire a local carpet cleaner near your home to use their professional equipment to remove the paint and restore your carpet.

For questions concerning our paint stain removal tips, you can contact us online with our form at this link here.