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DIY Pegboard for Tools

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This is an easy DIY project we recommend for all homeowners with a robust tool collection. You don’t want to lose your tools and you don’t want to waste time searching for them during a DIY project or home repair.

Today we will teach you hot to build a pegboard in your basement or garage to store and organize your tools. This project won’t require much time at all or many tools and you will reap the benefits for many years.

Let’s Begin …

First, use a tape measurer to measure the space on the wall in your basement or garage where you plan on hanging the pegboard. The measurements will be the size of the frame for the pegboard to sit in.

Purchase two pieces of plywood that are 2 ¾” wide and cut them down the center with a table saw and then cut them the size of the space you need for the frame.

If you don’t own a table saw you can request that the hardware store or lumberyard do this for you. You will also need to cut a center channel down each piece for the pegboard to rest in. Determine the depth of the channel based on how deep you need the pegboard to be in order to hang your tools on it.

You will also need to measure and cut a piece of pegboard with a table saw. The pegboard needs to fit within the plywood frame.

You should nail the two sides of the frame to the top piece of wood and then slide the piece of pegboard into the side and top channels of the wood. Then slide the bottom piece of the frame into the bottom of the pegboard and nail the bottom to both side pieces.

Cut four triangle pieces of plywood to fit into the corners on the back of the frame and two pieces of wood to sit in the center to stabilize the frame and hold the weight of the tools. You should screw the supports in from the front of the pegboard. This isn’t a project for aesthetics so don’t worry about the screws that will be visible from the front of the pegboard.

Then find studs on the wall of your garage or basement and drill screws into them to hang the frame on. Then purchase a pegboard storage set to strategically place throughout the board to hang your tools.

This project should only require 2-3 hours to complete. From then on, all of your tools will be easy to access and on display to impress other amateur handymen.