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How to Fix a Running Toilet

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There is nothing more annoying than the sound of a running toilet in your home. The most common cause for a running toilet is a broken flapper in the toilet tank. The good news is that even the most amateur repairman can replace a broken flapper and fix a running toilet in no time:


Visity your local hardware store and purchase a universal flapper. Before you leave your home look for the brand and model of your toilet. The companies that sell new toilet flappers design them to be universal but it can’t hurt to verify the brand and model and ensure the new flapper you purchase will work for your toilet.

The packaging of the flapper should list what brands and models of toilets it can be used for. The number on brand of new flappers is Korky. Korky products are very reliable and come with a 5-year warranty.

You can visit their website at before you leave for the hardware store and find the model of toilet flapper you should purchase when you arrive at the hardware store.


Now that you have purchased a new toilet flapper you can start the process of replacing the old one from your toilet. First, turn off the water. There will be a knob near the bottom of the toilet attached to piping coming out of the wall. Turn the water all of the way off.

Then flush the toilet. This will drain the tank of water before you attempt to work in the tank and replace the flapper.

Disconnect the lift chain from the flush lever and then pull the old flapper off.

Now line up the new flapper over the flush valve and connect the new lift chain, leaving only a little bit of slack from the top of the flapper. You only want between two or three chain links from the top of the flapper to the lift chain. Too much and it will be too lose and continue to run.

Once you’ve set the chain length to the appropriate length you can turn the water back on. Turn the knob behind the toilet back on all of the way. This will fill the toilet. Now flush the toilet a couple of times to ensure that the toilet isn’t running anymore.

If the toilet is done running, then you have fixed your running toilet. If it hasn’t fixed the problem, then continue to test the length of the chain.

If the toilet continues to run then you might need to replace the entire toilet kit. This includes the flush valve too. This repair isn’t too difficult either. It is just a few more steps. The good news is that the hardware store often sells complete toilet kits that include the new flapper and flush valve together.

Still have questions on how to fix a running toilet? Feel free to contact us at anytime and we will do our best to answer your home repair questions.