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How to Remove Carpet

how to remove carpet

Is it time for new carpet for your home?

If you are replacing your carpet because it has several stains or appears dirty, we first recommend hiring a carpet cleaning Fort Wayne service to try to remove the stains and renew the color and the beauty. Professionals are often able to remove old carpet stains and deeper dirt that vacuuming cannot. It is worth a try because the cost of new carpet is not cheap.

If you are replacing your carpet because it is too old or you are simply interested in a new color or style, then you might consider removing the carpet on your own to save some costs. To remove carpet is an easy DIY home improvement project you can complete in half a day.

Here is how to remove carpet:

In preparation of removing your carpet from your floor, be sure to wear shoes or boots. Don’t attempt this project barefoot or in socks because there are tacks, nails and staples beneath the surface that could hurt you.

Step 1:

Remove the baseboards or molding around the exteriors of the wall-to-wall carpet. You can remove the baseboards or molding using a putty knife or a flathead screwdriver but be careful not to scratch the wall or the baseboard or remove paint.

Step 2:

Now find a razor blade and cut a starting seam in the carpet. Be careful not to cut too deep in order to preserve the quality of the floor beneath the carpet. This is especially true if you are planning to convert to hardwood flooring and want to use the hardwood floor beneath the carpet.

You can then start to pull up the carpet from the seam. Continue to cut the carpet in small portions for easier removal and organization of the pieces of old carpet.

Each time you remove a small portion of the carpet, you can roll it up and transfer it to your garage or to your garbage can or garbage pickup. You might need to load it into your car or truck and take it to your local dump for disposal.

Step 3:

Now pry away the carpet pad beneath the carpet. You will not need this if you are converting to hardwood floor. If you are purchasing new carpet for your home, you will want to purchase a new pad too. Invest in a quality carpet pad as it is important for the resiliency and quality of the carpet during its lifetime in your home.

Step 4:

Then it is time to remove the staples and tacks from the floor. This part of the project is the most difficult and most time consuming. You will want to use a pliers or handheld tool to pry the nails and staples out. You won’t be able to complete the job without a tool.

Your knees and back might start to hurt during this part of the project. Stop for breaks from time to time in order to avoid injury.

Step 5:

Remove the tack strips along the wall using a hammer and a pry bar or crowbar. Be careful not to scratch the wall or the wood floor beneath the tack strip.

Double check your work to ensure there are no more tacks or staples in the hardwood floor. This is especially important if you are buffing the floor and refinishing it for your home.

That is how to remove carpet. With the old carpet gone, it will be easier for the Fort Wayne installation company to install the new carpet and it will be cheaper for you too!

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