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Tips for Painting a Garage Floor

garage floor

Our last post provided tips on how to address spilling paint on carpet during a paint project. You won’t have that problem with today’s project …

The garage door forms part of exterior look of your house and you always try to inject your outdoors with a flavor of personality as it certainly increases the curb appeal of your home.

Also, it is significant that the garage door should match the architecture of the home as they are visible from the street and thus painting them to match the rest of the house is certainly a good idea!

Here are some tips to paint the garage door so that it doesn’t continue to clash with the style of your home.

Preparing the door:

Since the garage door has all the grime which it collects while fighting with hailstorms, rain, sun and all other sorts of weather, you have to take extra steps to prepare it for painting before you actually do it.

You might need a garden hose to rinse water and then clean the entire door first with an all-purpose cleaner.

You might also need to cover the floor of the garage so that your driveway is not impacted because of paint. Preparing the door will ensure that it will hold up the paint well.

Cover it up:

Paint goes everywhere even at those places where you don’t want it to go! Hence before you begin painting, make sure you have covered the handles, windows, trims and locks with the painter’s tape. This will protect your edges and these areas from getting painted for no reason!

Look for your timing:

Your idea of giving a facelift to your garage door is amazing but you need to decide on the timing wisely. You can’t plan to paint it on a rainy day and too sunny day is also not good as it can lead to formation of paint blisters.

So you need to choose a perfect day or set of days which are neither too hot nor too cold and are perfect for the painting! Start the process early in a day so that you have entire day to wrap it up in one day itself.

Choice of primer:

It is always advisable to apply primer before you paint but you also need to ensure that the primer is meant for outdoor use (it will then have better weather shield) and is suited for the surface and material of your door. Primer helps in retaining the shine of the door and is thus an important component of painting activity.

Focus on holes:

If the garage door has certain dents, scratches and holes then this is the best time to fill them up. This is because new paint will not hide these dents and would rather make them more visible and apparent.

Had garage door not been the one facing the street, it must have been the last thing at your house to paint! Jokes apart but the garage door of your home is exposed to all the elements of weather and thus a fresh coat of paint not only improves it appearance but also extend the life expectancy of the door.