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Types of Tiles for Your Home

marble tile

The three most common choices for flooring in a home or business are carpet, hardwood or tile or stone. More and more homeowners are removing their carpet to replace it with finished hardwood floors or tile floors.

Homeowners feel that tile is easier to maintain than both hardwood and carpet and offers a more modern appearance for their d├ęcor. Tile is also extremely durable and it offers several colors and styles to choose from. There are even health benefits to installing tile floor in your home as it is a great choice for allergy sufferers.

There are several different types of tile to choose from for your home:

The tile used for flooring needs to be extremely durable. The tile must withstand the constant weight of foot traffic as well as furniture and other heavier items on top of it for endless hours. This is especially true for tile floors near the entryways of your home or the tile floor in the kitchen around where meals are prepared and where refrigerators, stoves and dishwashers sit for several months or years.

Travertine tile is a great choice for flooring because it is extremely durable and very low-maintenance. Travertine tile is also an economical choice because it is not very expensive to install. Quartz is another good option since it is very low-maintenance and easy to clean and maintain.

Moisture-prone rooms in your home, such as kitchens or bathrooms, require tile that is slip-resistant and non-porous. You do not want your tile floor to lead to several slips, falls and injuries for you or your family or guests. You also do not want the tile to absorb water as this will corrode it and lead to deterioration.

Slate is a good choice because it is slip and stain-resistant. You might want to consider slate for the floor in your kitchen or around the sink area. Porcelain is another good choice because it is able to resist moisture. Homeowners often choose porcelain tiles for the floor in their bathroom around their shower and toilet.

You do not want to use mosaic tiles or glass tiles for floor for obvious reasons. These types of tile are best used for walls and decoration. You should also reserve ceramic tile and marble and granite for countertops opposed to flooring.

You can install tile floor much easier than hardwood floor too. The process requires thinset, grout and a wet saw and most amateur handyman are able to install tile in just 24-48 hours whereas we recommend hiring a professional for installing carpet or hardwood floor in your home.